Explore South Crete
We would like to inform you that to our company belongs an inflatable boat of 7 meters length and which with that we are planning excursions, a unique experience in South Crete to the areas of Sfakia , Loutro village and to the beach of Marmara.
To this excursion you have the chance to swim to the most beautiful beaches of Greece , to see the gorges of South Crete , to see the rare Kri Kri (Cretan goats) , the unique wild nature of Crete. We will visit the beach of Glyka Nera a beach that from the sand there is sweet water coming out! We can stop to any beach of that area you would like. The fridge of our boat will be foul of ice, soft drinks, water and sandwiches.
The excursion will start from the village of Sfakia where you will be boarding to the boat, the Captain it will be someone experienced from our company.Our trip will be continued to the magical fishing village of Loutro , Loutro has a nice bay were you can enjoy the crystal clear waters and also to the restaurants you have the chance to taste fresh fish! After Loutro we will visit the beach of Marmara, a great beach which is the end of the gorge Aradena. To the beach of Marmara on the top of a small hill there is a really nice Taverna which offers omelets , Sfakia cheese pies , raki and coffee!
There is the option if all the boarding crew wants to continue the trip after Marmara beach, we can continue and to see from the sea the end of the most famous gorge of Samaria, the village of Agia Roumeli which is at the end of Samaria gorge and also the Church of Agios Pavlos which is on the beach and which was built many centuries back in time!
On our way back our trip will take end to back to the village of Sfakia which is rich of Cretan tastes and hospitality!
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