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Current situation at Creteholidayhome villas.

Creteholidayhome villas taking extra measures to prevent the Corona virus infestation?

Creteholidayhome always has a very high standard in regards to hygiene. Additional measures have been taken in accordance to the advice by the World health organization. In the villas and to all the areas all the surfaces are cleaned more frequently with Hygiene Products for hospitals. This includes door handles, safe box buttons, furniture etc. For your personal hygiene the regular soap has been replaced with disinfectant soap in the restrooms.

Our employees act in accordance to the general guidelines set by the World health organization. Which are: cough or sneeze in your elbow, wash your hands frequently, use paper tissues and don’t shake any hands. Everyone that experiences mild flue like symptoms is to remain at home.

Our digital concierge can facilitate check in and every guest request. Guests will be able to use their phones to check in, to have access to their rooms, to make special requests to order breakfast (only for villas which this option is available please check Thalasses villas) and to have access for other services which we provide 24/7 full support.

Is contamination possible through suppliers?

The chance of an infection through supplied goods or money is very slim. Employees who accept deliveries and money wash their hands every 15 minutes to take every precaution possible.

Do Creteholidayhome employees wear masks?

All Creteholidayhome employees do not wear masks. The World health organization advices the use of masks only for medical personnel.

What is the cancellation policy?

Bookings made through Creteholidayhome for a arrival date before the 28th of April 2020 can be rebooked without extra charges. The new date is a date your choice till the 30th of December 2020. If the price for the new date is higher a surcharge will be applicable. On all other bookings our regular cancellation policy is applicable.

Why to book directly with us?

Better offers to our guests
Free cancellation up to 3 days prior to arrival.
Flexible payment terms
Change of date for stays till the end of December 2021
24/7 full support from our team

I booked through a booking site, can you change my reservation?

We cannot make any changes or alterations in your booking, because it is handled by the organization where you made the reservation. We kindly request you to contact the agency where you booked for information regarding your reservation or the cancellation policy.

When do we speak of a travel restriction?

When the ministry of foreign affairs issues a code red for a specific place or region, we speak of a travel restriction. When there is a person with corona in a city or country this doesn’t immediately result in a travel restriction. The government decides per city or region if travel restrictions are necessary to prevent further contamination.

My visit

The corona virus is spreading throughout the world. At Creteholidayhome we keep track of all the current developments and advices. We’re glad to inform you of all the extra measures we’re taking.

Where will you serve breakfast? (Only for villas which this option is available, please check Thalasses villas)

If you booked breakfast a tasty breakfast package will be brought to your villa.

Current situation in Greece

We keep ourselves updated on the current situation. For complete and current information of the precautions taken in Greece please check the website of the

What measures are been taken in Greece to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus?

To prevent the corona virus from spreading everyone with the following symptoms is advised to stay at home: symptoms of a cold, coughing, sore throat or fever. Until the 1st of June every (major) event has been canceled.  All other events are prohibited till the 29th of April. This includes public locations such as museum, theatres and sporting events. Everyone is asked to work from home if possible and if not to commute during different times. Old people and people with a compromised immune system are advised to avoid crowds and public transportation. Everyone is requested to keep a minimum distance of 1 1/2 meters from each other, also when waiting in lines in supermarkets for example. When paying people are asked to pay by card or telephone. If this is not possible money is not to be handed directly to the cashier.

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