Vosako Monastery

Agro tourism - Religious tourism
The monastery of Holy Cross in Vosako is built in a small plateau between the peaks Koutroulis and Mesokofinas of the Talean Mountains, 50km east of Rethymno. The monastery can be accessed by car via the village Doxaro and the rough landscape is amazing. There is a second road starting from Sisses village.Vosako name comes from the abbreviation of the greek words vous (buff) and sakos (fold) and means cattle pen, as the plateau probably was used for feeding cattle.The monastery is built like a fortress and the main temple (Katholiko) is dedicated to the Holy Cross (Timios Stavros). When the monastery celebrates, pilgrims walk to the monastery along a rough path starting from Kalo Horafi, near Panagia Charakiani in Bali (2-3 hours). Till late 90s, the monastery was completely deserted and ruined, but today it has been restored and is operates normally. The buildings are located on two levels with two courtyards. The main temple is built on the south courtyard. Outside the temple stands a beautiful Venetian fountain, while the main entrance is imposing.The monastery played an important revolutionary role against the Turks, so it was twice destroyed by them.