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Welcome to our world of unlimited holiday homes and experiences in Crete!
My journey through time

When I was still a child travelling with my parents, I began to understand the importance of travelling and the significance of the experience. Growing up, I realized that every trip, new place, or welcoming accommodation had a profound effect on my psychosynthesis and influenced the extroverted personality I am today. I pursued studies in civil engineering and started working in the tourism sector in 2000. That was not a coincidence. My whole philosophy is reflected in the types of holiday accommodations I have created, which reflect the different time phases of my own life.

When I started travelling alone, or with my friends, the only option was low-cost accommodations. Because of my age, I was more adventurous in my choices, experimented with different types of rooms and started to notice what each accommodation offered. Later, when I had completed my studies, and I was more comfortable financially, travelling became a real pleasure. I travelled frequently, and for long periods of time, but as a bachelor, my needs were still simple. I was looking for places where I could work from comfortably, close to the city center and entertainment venues, where a car was unnecessary. At the same time, I was thirsty for new experiences (excursions, mountain climbing, diving, safaris, etc.). And so, this is how the idea of simple, welcoming, but above all practical accommodation, like Urbans, was born.

Almost a decade later, I married my wife and my needs changed. Travelling on business on my own, and as a couple with my wife, we were looking for greater amenities, more refined and romantic places to stay during our long weekend trips. We wanted amenities such as a welcoming reception and breakfast, being close to the top attractions of the city, so that we could enjoy our vacation to the fullest and receive the attentive care we wanted. This stage of my life inspired the design of Ink Hotels, and later the Suites, where the rooms were designed to activate all the senses and cater to every relaxing desire of the guests.

With the arrival of our children, our family grew, and travel became a family affair. And when we travelled as a family, and friends, to be there for important moments in their lives, such as weddings, my impression of the accommodation industry changed again. Spacious and quiet accommodation, away from the center, became a prerequisite for a relaxing holiday. The children claimed their space, and so did we. Holidays were spent with a group of friends or with beloved relatives, so the need for accommodation with plenty of open space, privacy, and specially designed areas, such as a swimming pool, barbeque, and play area was unquestionable. My plans included the construction of villas and the luxury villa clusters, Thalasses, that serve the demanding needs of families and their friends. They also serve as wonderful hospitality spaces for organizing personal events, like weddings and private chef-dining. The favorite Ritual Thalasses villas & Events or Venues project was designed precisely for organizing various events, but it has a special feature I am particularly happy about. I had the vision to create a venue with a secured helicopter pad, and that become a reality in 2022.

Through Crete Holiday Home, I wish to present a piece of my own travel experiences, so that our guests can enjoy tailored accommodation, depending on their needs, budget, and mood. People are our priority in everything we do. We give the same care, zeal, and undivided attention to both premium experiences (private chef-dining, wine tasting, wedding events, private helicopter pad, private tours, yacht tours, boating) or exclusive amenities (breakfast on the beach, massage, yoga, extreme sports etc.) and even the simplest wishes (fast Wi-Fi).

Our goal is to anticipate your every wish, offer you the highest hospitality experience, and help you create travelling memories to remember forever with love.
Our story, however, does not end here. Your needs and wishes help us evolve constantly. You drive us to offer you new and upgraded services. There is so much more to come... So, stay tuned!

Stavros Kapetanakis
Founder of Crete Holiday Home